The SelfCare Kit

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Give the Gift of Calm with our limited-edition Self Care Kit.

This collection of calming must-haves includes the full system of BraveFace products.

Plus, in a dreamy collaboration with On Sundays, included is a bespoke hand-blended tea and tea strainer, created in pursuit of restful moments and self care.

The perfect stress-free gift for a friend, family member, or just yourself. 

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  • The SelfCare Kit is a limited edition set, made up of the perfect combination of calming goodness. 

    Included is:

    HeadRest: Our best-selling night drops that help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

    CoolHead: Our rapid stress relief spray for moments of overwhelm.

    LiveCalm: Our daily maintenance capsules designed to calm the nervous system

    Plus, in a dreamy collaboration with On Sundays, included is a bespoke hand-blended tea. 'Rest' is a blend of soothing herbs, passionflower, chamomile, spearmint and rose. Rest makes up 20 serves.

    Last but not least, a tea strainer is inside to complete the perfect self-care moment.

    Gift a moment of calm - everyone deserves it.

  • What is the BraveFace system?

    Unlike other products on the market the BraveFace system works to not only minimise the immediate effects of stress and worry on the body but to reduce the symptoms long term. Coolhead day spray is there to have on hand for a rapid calming action during heightened moments, HeadRest night drops aid sleep which helps the body recover from stress and LiveCalm daily capsules work on the nervous system to help the body better adapt to stress long term.

    Are any of the BraveFace products addictive?

    No. It was important for us to develop non-addictive alternatives. All of our products are natural and exclude any ingredients that may be become addictive.

    Are your products alcohol free?

    Yes! Most of the products in our category use alcohol in their distillation process, which isn’t suitable for everyone. So we spent a lot of time finding a solution that could keep our formulations alcohol free.

    More FAQs here

In this bundle

  • CoolHead



    CoolHead stress relief spray helps you restore calm and focus in times of stress. Don’t just face the challenge. Rise to it.

    What's inside

    Formulated with Passionflower and Mānuka honey to calm the mind plus Gotu kola to support mental focus. Tastes like it works.

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  • HeadRest



    HeadRest natural sleep remedy helps you fall asleep and stay asleep - because when you’re well-rested, you’re unstoppable.

    What's inside

    Formulated with Passionflower to calm your mind and Chamomile for a sedative effect. Tastes like it works.

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  • LiveCalm


    56 Capsules

    LiveCalm natural supplements for ongoing stress, help you sustain calm throughout your day. Small ritual, big difference.

    What's inside

    Formulated with adaptogenic herbs Ashwagandha, Holy Basil and Rosemary to soothe the nervous system and manage long-term stress.

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  • On Sundays Rest Tea

    On Sundays Rest Tea

    20 serves

    In a dreamy collaboration with On Sundays, enjoy Rest - a bespoke hand-blended tea. Enjoy as the sun's glow recedes, in preparation for sleep or when you are in a need of an easeful state of mind and body.

    What's inside

    Ingredients: passionflower, chamomile flowers, spearmint, licorice root, rose petals, cornflower petals, lavender. Naturally caffeine free. Hand blended in New Zealand.

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Gift a moment of Calm.

A limited-edition gift set, made up of self care essentials.

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