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CoolHead stress relief spray helps you restore calm and focus in times of stress. Don’t just face the challenge. Rise to it.

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  • CoolHead stress relief spray, will have you covered, when you are having a moment of stress or overwhelm.

    If you feel your nerves are holding you back from living your full potential, CoolHead is a pocket-sized, rapid acting, stress relief spray perfect for on the go.

    Formulated with Passionflower and Mānuka Honey for their relaxing and anxiolytic effect, to help you feel calm rapidly. Plus Gotu Kola which has traditionally been used as a brain tonic to support focus and improve memory.

    If moments of stress are plaguing your day, two sprays of CoolHead in the mouth will have you calm and focused. Don’t just face the challenge. Rise to it.

  • Formulated with Passionflower and Mānuka honey to calm the mind plus Gotu kola to support mental focus. Tastes like it works.

    • Therapeutic Doses
      Research Based Doses
    • Alcohol Free
      Alcohol Free
    • No Artificial Sweeteners, Flavours or Colourants
      No Artificial Sweeteners, Flavours or Colourants
    • No Synthetic Fillers, Essence or Homeopathics
      No Synthetic Fillers, Essence or Homeopathics
    • Vegetarian Friendly
      Vegetarian Friendly
    • Non-GMO
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  • Adults: Shake well before use. Take 2 sprays directly into the mouth, when you need it, up to 3 times daily.

  • Are any of the BraveFace products addictive?

    No. It was important for us to develop non-addictive alternatives. All of our products are natural and exclude any ingredients that may be become addictive.

    What does CoolHead taste like?

    Let’s face it herbs taste horrible in their raw state! We worked hard to create a palatable flavor without compromising on the potency. CoolHead has a slightly minty flavor and you can taste the sweetness of the Manuka honey. However, CoolHead tastes like it works, so be prepared for a high concentrated formula - we promise it's worth it! 

    Are your products alcohol free?

    Yes! Most of the products in our category use alcohol in their distillation process, which isn’t suitable for everyone. So we spent a lot of time finding a solution that could keep our formulations alcohol free.

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A pocket-sized sanity saver.

Whether it’s at work or at play, CoolHead is on standby everyday.
All of our key ingredients are research-based and have clinical studies behind them. See the ingredients panel to explore how our ingredients can work for you.

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Backed by science. Made naturally.

1 in 4 New Zealanders report suffering from anxiety.
BraveFace provides tools for your kit, backed by science.

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