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You’ll be booked in with either Jane or Rochelle. Here’s a bit about them

Rochelle Bailey

Naturopath (Dip. Naturopathy)

“Discipline is necessary for health and wellbeing, and support and guidance from a Naturopath can ease the journey and bring beneficial results.”

Rochelle is an NMHNZ Registered Naturopath and has more than ten years experience practicing in clinics and providing technical support within the natural health industry.

Rochelle is passionate about the evolving field of natural health products and enjoys helping people find solutions for their health and wellbeing. Her main interests are stress and sleep management, nootropics and children's health.

With Rochelle's broad knowledge of natural health and dietary supplements, she can offer comprehensive, professional, and attentive healthcare advice.

Jane Cronin

Naturopath (Dip. Naturopathy, Dip. Herbal Medicine)

"If you want to stay healthy, mobile and looking good as you age, what you do on a daily basis counts."

Jane is a NMHNZ qualified Naturopath and Medical Herbalist with over ten years experience as a successful private practitioner and consultant.

She has also worked on the Clinicians brand for over ten years and is heavily involved in formulating all of our new products.

Natural health is her passion and in her spare time, Jane can be seen at the gym, on the golf course or in the garden growing veges.

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