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We create solutions that work.

Our proprietary herbal formulas use clinically proven ingredients that help to reduce feelings of stress and worry.

What stress looks like

Everyone experiences stress differently. It doesn’t just affect your brain but can also impact your body . Here are some of the ways stress may show up.

What stress looks like
What stress looks like
What stress looks like

Racing thoughts and anxiety

This is caused by an imbalance in brain chemicals responsible for our emotions.
What stress looks like

Increase heart rate

Sustained increases in heart rate can have a negative affect on our blood pressure over time.
What stress looks like

Trouble with digestion

Prolonged periods of stress can disrupt our digestive systems causing tummy upsets.
What stress looks like

Lack of focus

Stress can affect memory and clear thinking, which can make it hard for us to focus.
What stress looks like

Trouble sleeping

Stress can disrupt our sleep hormones, leaving you feeling drowsy and fatigued during the day.
What stress looks like

Physical Symptoms

Stress may present itself in physical symptoms leaving us with headaches, painful jaw, tense shoulders, restless legs or night sweats.

Real ingredients.Real science.

Creating evidence-based formulas, with real ingredients and no side effects is at the heart of what we do.

Our Ingredients Panel

We’ve taken great care in selecting ingredients that have proper clinical studies behind them and ensuring we are sourcing the highest quality materials.

Our Ingredients Panel

Gotu Kola

Clinically proven to support concentration and cognitive performance.
France/ Madagascar | View the research
Our Ingredients Panel

Mānuka Honey

New studies suggest it has anxiolytic and antidepressant properties.
New Zealand | View the research
Our Ingredients Panel


Clinically proven as an adaptogen and nervine tonic.
Our Ingredients Panel

Passion Flower

Clinically proven to have anxiolytic and calming effects.
Our Ingredients Panel


Clinically proven to have carminative and sedative effects.
Our Ingredients Panel

Holy Basil

Clinically proven as an adaptogen, calming the nervous system.
Our Ingredients Panel


Clinically proven to reduce anxiety, enhance memory and improve sleep quality.

Tested for quality, safety and satisfaction.

Our products go through rigorous testing throughout the manufacturing process to ensure they are up to GMP standards.

  • Quality Ingredients

    Quality Ingredients

    All of our raw ingredients are tested upon arrival to ensure they meet our specifications.

  • Safety Procedures

    Safety Procedures

    We routine test our products during the manufacturing process and upon product completion.

  • Stable Formulations

    Stable Formulations

    Our products undergo challenge testing to ensure their potency is stable for the duration of their shelf life.

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