Start The Week Off Right: How to battle Monday blues

Let’s face it; life gets more stressful by the day. There are bills to pay, deadlines to meet, errands to run, not to mention taking care of your physical and mental wellbeing and family commitments! If it’s all getting a bit much, help is at hand!

At Brave Face, we understand how much stress can impact your daily life, so we’ve designed a range of natural remedies for anxiety that offer relief. But while our products can help take the edge off, the most powerful change you can make is to tackle stress at its source.

In this article, we’ll share our top tips for battling the Monday blues, so you can get back to enjoying life (and managing stress as and when it appears). 

Identify the source of your anxiety

If your Sunday afternoon is taken over by the anxiety of anticipating another week at work, it’s time to find out why. It’s normal not to want to rush back to work after a relaxing weekend, but to dread going back is a whole different matter. 

The quickest way to deal with the “Sunday scaries” is to figure out what has got you feeling this way. Are looming deadlines feeling like a weight on your chest? Are the office politics getting out of control? Or do you have a big presentation coming up?

If the anxiety is sporadic or from the anticipation of an upcoming event, rapid-acting CoolHead stress relief spray is your pocket-sized pick-me-up. Ideal for tackling stress as it surfaces, it’s designed to ditch the overwhelm and restore your calm and focus.

Make a plan to tackle anxiety head-on 

Now that you know where your stress is coming from, you can make a plan to minimise, if not remove, it. The key here is to remember that small steps in the right direction are better than no movement at all. 

If you’re frozen by that deadline, put a realistic plan in place of what is achievable, then make the hard call and let your manager know it’s going to be delayed. Scary? Yes. But action is better than inaction, and your mental health matters. 

And remember, to help with that ‘scary’ convo, take two sprays of CoolHead before talking to your manager. Within 15 minutes you will feel a wave of calm and be ready to tackle the challenge.

Be realistic about what you can achieve 

Of course, there may be some things causing you anxiety that don’t have an obvious fix. In this case, your action plan may simply be to go easy on yourself, make sure you’re getting enough rest and take regular recharge breaks. 

For ongoing anxiety and stress that needs to be managed, LiveCalm daily stress supplements are backed by science and designed to bring you out of fight or flight mode and restore your balance.

Slow down your mornings

It may sound too easy to be effective, but the chaos of Monday mornings can add to our feeling of overwhelm. Studies have shown that feeling pressed for time can contribute to poor health, trouble sleeping, and depression.

So, take simple steps like preparing your lunch and outfit ahead of time, waking up half an hour earlier, and staying off social media. Those extra few minutes here and there can add up to a big difference in your stress levels. 

Tried it all before? If you’re doing all the right things but are still facing anxiety, our natural stress supplements may offer relief. 

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